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VisiMix is a tool that provides the accurate answer, saves you time, money and resources

VisiMix is a tool that provides the accurate answer,
saves you time, money and resources

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The trial version includes all functions of the VisiMix Turbulent:

mathematical modeling of mixing, mixing-dependent processes in low viscosity liquids,
multiphase media, calculation of all mixing and process parameters,

but only for two types of impellers – propeller and disk turbine,
in a limited range of equipment dimensions.

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Chemical Mixing Simulation

Process technology transfer is an important activity in the chemical industry.

Chemical process that occurs in a stirred reactor is highly dependent on hydrodynamics during mixing.
Chemical Mixing Simulation consists, fundamentally, of the estimation of the main mixing parameters
that influence the process and determine its result even in yield, operation, and quality of the product.

Knowledge of these parameters and their interaction with the process allows better understanding of the process.
Frequently it is required to make adapt the equipment or operation to improve the performance of the process.

Using VisiMix for Chemical process simulation, the professional personal in the team is also able,

with a high degree of confidence, to evaluate the transfer of the process to another stirred reactor

as well as to scale up / down it.

In addition using VisiMix for simulation of these processes

leads to saving time and money during the development of a project.

Mixing Science and Practice

The Purpose of Mixing Let us start out by asking the question: what is the purpose of mixing? Then, we can understand why we need chemical mixing simulation. We carry out mixing in order to affect a process in a

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Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering

The VisiMix tool allows you to analyze and study most of mixing processes. It is always good to confirm some of these parameters by experimentation; by using VisiMix you can minimize the number of experiments needed. Let us take a

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Chemical process calculations

Paradigm Shifts Process intensification is a paradigm shift in the chemical engineering industry, as it means that we can begin to look at chemical processing not from the point of view of incremental improvement, instead from the point of view

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Chemical process technology

If you are looking for a chemical process technology which will save you money and help you use your existing equipment better, you should give VisiMix a try!  The learning curve with VisiMix is much shorter than any other tool

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Scale Up Methodology

The scale up methodology is very significant for chemical engineers. An important aspect that is of interest to chemical engineers is the implementation of industrial processes whereby chemical conversion of materials happens together with the transmission of mass, heat, and

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VisiMix software is based on a system of original physical models that combine general scientific knowledge with experimentally obtained know-how related to mixing.

Owing to that, VisiMix is the only software that allows mathematical modeling and calculations for all types of impellers and the most homogenizing devices.