VisiMix RSDE (Rotor-stator)

High shear mixing: homogenizing and emulsifying.
Program VisiMix RSDE is the a unique software program for mathematical modeling and technical calculations of installations with high shear devices – rotor / stator and tooth disk homogenizers.
Program VisiMix RSDE provides
– technical calculations of power, flow characteristics and shear rates and stresses in main working zones of the rotor / stator devices
– mathematical modeling of homogenizing and emulsion formation in different installations with RSD”s.
– defining flow and shear parameters for scaling-up
The main features:
•different types of rotor and stators,
•wide range of dimensions
•batch and continuous flow systems
•in-line homogenizers
•wide range of viscosities, Newtonian and non-Newtonian
•dynamics of high shear treatment and homogenizing of media
•emulsifying – drop sizes and process dynamics


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