Return On Investments (ROI)


A short description of a problem with a process, the traditional solution, and a technical description of the solution using VisiMix and savings achieved reported by different customers.

Improved Productivity in API Company

Annual Savings of $1,600,000

Controlling Morphology and Particle Size in Continuous Energetic Material Processes

Saved $900,000

Troubleshooting in the Life Science Industry

Saved 900,000 Euros

Physical Properties of the Final (Solid) Product

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance of Sales Products Worth $20,000,000

Mixing Calculations In Development

Saved $1,000,000

RSD Application in the Chemical Reaction Process

Saved at least $250,000

Troubleshooting of Crystallization Processes

Saved $2,000,000

Three-phase system: Solid-Liquid-Liquid

Annual Savings of 1,200,000 Euros

Improved Dissolution of Organic Solid

Saved 1,200,000 Euro

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