VisiMix Laminar

Mixing in highly viscous and non-Newtonian media.
The program VisiMix Laminar is the only and unique software tool for mathematical modeling and technical calculations of mixing in manufacturing and treatment of highly viscous liquid media, such as polymers, paints, coatings, pastes, food products, etc.
Defining of
– power and flow characteristics,
– shear rates and stresses,
– blending and homogenizing
-heat transfer
-stagnant zones formation
The program provides flow and mixing parameters required for scaling-up and performs mathematical modeling of reactors and other process equipment operating in laminar and transitional mixing regimes.

The main features:
-laminar and transitional flow regimes
•viscosities up to 1000000 cP
• different rheological models of non-Newtonian media
• ribbon, screw and scrape-wall agitators included
• double-impeller mixing systems
• homogenizing, macro- and micro-mixing
• heat transfer
• database of rheological constants for typical non-Newtonian products


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