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VisiMix Ltd. developed the first PC software for technical calculations, analysis, improvement, scale-up, and development of mixing processes and equipment based on mathematical simulation. VisiMix products enable chemical engineers, process engineers, and R&D personnel to visualize mixing processes and to calculate the most important process parameters for single- and two-phase systems. These parameters include power consumption, circulation rates, local concentrations of solutes and suspended particles, drop size, concentrations of reactants in chemical reactors, and more. VisiMix products provide efficient solutions at all critical points of the process: troubleshooting/improvement, equipment design, process R&D, equipment purchase, production, etc.

The products provide data about the dynamic characteristics of mixing equipment, and a wide range of data required for mathematical modeling of different unit operations such as local flow velocities, turbulence intensities, micro-mixing, etc.,.

VisiMix inputs consist of easily accessible data on the mixing equipment and the properties of the media.

If the mixing is not well understood, wrong choices could be adopted in the process development. It is estimated that losses by poor mixing per year are $1 TO $10 Billion in the US Chemical industry alone.”

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