VisiMix Pipeline

Flow capacity calculations for simple pipelines – non-Newtonian products
The program VisiMix PL allows for modeling of single-direction pipelines for transferring of liquid Newtonian and non-Newtonian materials from vessels (mixing tanks or storages) to other stations within the plant – to tanks, packaging machines or any other equipment units.
Transportation of material can be performed by pump or/and by extra pressure. The pipeline may include different elements – pipes, riffled hoses, elbows, valves, reducers and expanders of different diameters.
The program provides duration of complete transferring of liquid from the tank / storage and information on the flow- limiting pipe sections or fittings (bottlenecks)
The main features:
• checking of possibility to discharge or load viscous products
• simplicity of use
• built-in database of pipes, fittings, etc.
• defining of limiting pipeline elements (bottlenecks)
• applicability for non-Newtonian liquids (creams, pastes, shampoos, etc.)
• built-in database of rheological constants


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