VisiMix Bubble columns

We present a new tool for application of VisiMix software to simulations of heat transfer in tanks or columns with bubble mixing.

This tool supports simulation of heat transfer characteristics for tanks or columns operated under different heating or cooling modes.

The tool should be used in combination with VisiMix Turbulent software. It can utilize the entire scope of heat transfer simulations supported by VisiMix Turbulent for tanks or columns with liquid- or gas-fed heating/cooling jackets of the following configurations:

• Simple or sectional jackets;
• Jackets with heat transfer enhancing devices;
• Half-pipe coil jackets;
• Embossed/ dimpled jackets.

The tool can be used for simulation of various cooling/heating modes of tank or column operation, such as:
• Steady state or dynamics of batch;
• Semi-batch or continuous flow heat transfer operations;
• temperature-dependent chemical reactions with heat release and/or consumption.

In addition, the tool provides access to the heat transfer oriented VisiMix databases of tank materials, fouling characteristics, and physical properties of various liquids and heating/cooling fluids.

Note: To obtain a value of mass transfer rate – please use the Gas Liquid section of VisiMix, as well.

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