Chemical Process Technology

Chemical Process Technology Explaining chemical process technology is like trying to explain about all the fields of chemical engineering. Chemical process technology is any interaction between natural phenomena, like chemistry or biology, with starting materials and the manufacturing facilities used

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Chemical Processing Simulation

Chemical Processing Simulation I want to mainly focus us on some points of view about chemical process simulation—a field that seems to be not well appreciated. The main reason for this is that the people that work in this field

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Scale-up of Chemical Processes

Scale-up of Chemical Processes What are the main considerations when we talk about scale-up in transfer processes?1. When you’re in the lab, you have very small equipment, whereas in a production environment you go from tens of liters to hundreds

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THE INFLUENCE OF MIXING IN THE PROCESS New methodology using VisiMix software for the purpose of checking the influence of mixing in the processes.
VISIMIX DEMO OPERATION Learning how to input data into the VisiMix software and get results the will help us understand the influence of mixing in our processes.
LAB EXPERIMENTS Learning how to set up the relevant experiments at the lab scale, to develop the processes from an engineering point of view.
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