What is chemical process calculation?

What is chemical process calculation? In fact, all of chemical engineering is about chemical process calculation. Chemical engineers do all the calculations regarding the correct capabilities of the equipment in order to generate the desired materials. It is not enough

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Scale-up chemical process

Scale-up chemical process VisiMix scaling-up chemical process options: We have two main options, one that we will release now and the other at the end of the year. However, the main point of the first option is to have some reference in the

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Liquid–liquid extractions (LLE)

Phase separation times in liquid–liquid extractions (LLE) Using the software, we can: i) develop a methodology to anticipate emulsion formation; ii) Perform LLE troubleshooting to improve yield and cycle time. The background of liquid liquid mixing: Two immiscible liquids – a

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How to Scale-Up Chemical Processes

Chemical process flow simulation In this article we are going to talk about Chemical process flow simulation, which is a process that aims at representing physical and chemical transformation through the use of a mathematical model which involves the computation

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THE INFLUENCE OF MIXING IN THE PROCESS New methodology using VisiMix software for the purpose of checking the influence of mixing in the processes.
VISIMIX DEMO OPERATION Learning how to input data into the VisiMix software and get results the will help us understand the influence of mixing in our processes.
LAB EXPERIMENTS Learning how to set up the relevant experiments at the lab scale, to develop the processes from an engineering point of view.
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