VisiMix Different Impellers (DI)

Combined mixing devices in low viscosity liquids
The program VisiMix DI is a widely used software tool for mathematical modeling of mixing in tanks with a few different impellers on the same shaft.
The program handles mixing devices consisting of up to 5 impellers of the same or different type or size. It is used in combination with VisiMix Turbulent and provides parameters of hydrodynamics, turbulence and heat transfer for analysis, scaling-up and optimization of mixing tanks and reactors.

The main features:
• up to 5 different or identical impellers
• different distances between impellers
• Newtonian and non-Newtonian media
• flow velocities, shear, turbulence, blending, process dynamics
• heat–transfer
• mechanical calculations of shafts
• comprehensive range of dimensions
• built-in databases


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