Calculation Menu-Laminar

VisiMix output parameters are presented in Calculation Menu. These menus provide objective information on all mixing-dependent parameters that are relevant for successful process results.

Flow Chracteristics

Scheme of main circulation cycles
Impeller tip velocity
Average tangential velocity
Circulation flow rate
Reynolds number for flow
Reynolds number for impeller blades
Impeller Reynolds number

Power and Forces

Mixing power
Power number
Impeller Reynolds number
Axial forces applied to impeller

Specific Power

Specific power – average value
Specific power in the impeller shear zone
Specific power at the tank wall
Power dissipated near impeller, % Mixing power

Shear Around the Impeller Blades

Shear around the impeller blades
Shear stress near the impeller blades
Effective viscosity near the impeller blades
Relative volume of impeller shear zone

Blending. Uniformity of Mixing
Unmixed part of media vs.time (%)

Less than 1 mixing cycle % of media
Less than 3 mixing cycle % of media
Less than 10 mixing cycle % of media

Unmixed part of media (%), final value
Mean circulation time
Mixing time
Time for unmixed part of media to reach 1%
Characteristic function to tracer distribution
Dynamics of mixing/blending
Dynamics of mixing/blending. Double – impeller system.

High Shear Treatment (Destruction of Aggregates )

Shear stress near the impeller blades
Relative volume of impeller shear zone
Untreated fraction of media
Untreated fraction of media. Double – impeller system

Heat Transfer

-Liquid agent (LA)

Wall temperature, media side. LA.
Outlet temperature of liquid agent in jacket
Heat transfer rate. LA.
Inside film coefficient. LA.
Overall heat-transfer coeff. LA.
Outside film coefficient. LA.
Pressure head on the jacket
Liquid velocity in jacket
Heat- transfer area

-Vapor agent (VA)

Wall temperature, media side. VA.
Heat transfer rate. VA.
Inside film coefficient. VA.
Overall heat-transfer coeff. VA.
Outside film coefficient. VA.
Upper limit of heat transfer rate for half-pipe coil VA.
Mass flow rate of condensate.
Heat- transfer area

Mechanical Calculations of Shaft

Torsion shear
Shaft vibration characteristics