ROI Turbulent

Improved Productivity
in API Company

Annual Savings of $1,600,000

The Process
Two-phase batch reaction: Production stage

The Problem
Long operation time and poor reproducibility

The Task
Improve performance and reproducibility, and reduce operation time

The Traditional Approach
After a few batches, it was clear that the problem was in the equipment. The results were non-reproducible and reaction time was too long

The VisiMix Analysis
Operation in this reactor was evaluated using VisiMix in combination with QbD practices. A 25L reactor was operated with a 10L volume. A stirrer speed of around 100 rpm was used in order to avoid dangerous vortex formation.
Based on these hydrodynamic characteristics of the production reactor to the VisiMix analysis predicted lower kLa than required, resulting in longer EOR time and possibly uncertain reaction results. The evaluated production reactor was not recommended to perform this API reaction.

The VisiMix Solution
Two new reactors were evaluated for carrying out the API reaction. Installing two baffles was enough to stabilize and reduce reaction time from 25-50 hours to 9 hours.

The Results
In the modified system
• Reaction time was reproducible
• Saving of at least $1,600,000 per year*
• It took only two weeks to analyze the problem and find the solution

Using VisiMix made it possible for the company to save $1,600,000 using a new baffle configuration.
*Calculated based on a cost of $200 per hour per batch, and average savings of 20 hrs per batch in the course of a year, for 400 batches (200*20*400=1,600,000)

Technical Description

Two-phase reaction: Production stage
Improve performance and reproducibility, and reduce operation time.
The VisiMix simulation showed that mixing in the existing system was good. Comparison with two new configurations produced better results.
Figure 1: Main hydrodynamic turbulent mixing characteristics for lab and production reactors4“VisiMix helped us to determine the adequate reactor/stirrer system and the best hydrodynamic turbulent mixing characteristics during the operation process, to ensure that we achieve the desired results.
With the help of your team and your simulation software, the solution became simple: we installed new baffles and obtained good mixing, with reproducibility. We also reduced reaction operation time. This saved us a great deal of time and money.”


1.Decrease the process time.

2.Improve the quality of the product.

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