What is the professional difference between solid and liquid mixing?

This is an important question because in the market there are no products that calculate solid mixing. There are many products that calculate flow and only one or two products that calculate liquid liquid mixing. Regarding mixing in a still vessel, of course, Visimix is the best solution. If we consider this question from the professional point of view or the synthetic point of view, solid mixing and liquid/liquid mixing are completely different phenomena. Liquid mixing is very well understood in terms of mathematical modeling, which can calculate the flow in a tank or at any point in the process. These equations describe the fluid geometry and operation. By solving these equations, it is possible to know the flow velocity at any place in the process and then calculate the relevant mixing parameters in the specific operation and geometry.

Solid mixing is a completely different phenomenon and also different from solid liquid mixing. Instead of continuous space, we consider the movement of particles under various conditions and their interactions in order to construct a completely different physical model. For solid mixing, there are no products and, of course, there is no model that can be used in the market. Therefore, the main work on solid mixing begins with collecting laboratory or pilot-level empirical data and working with companies that manufacture equipment for solid mixing.

At Visimix, we work to develop these kinds of models based on some approximation in the liquid phase. But, of course, it’s a starting point and it will take some time to generate a model that our customers can use with confidence. So, this is completely different. In summary, there are completely different phenomena. For these, it is difficult to find a simulation package for solid mixing alone. Of course, liquid mixing, we’re solids present, it’s possible to calculate, and in this, we’re offering these kinds of solutions.

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