Solid and liquid homogeneous mixture

Confusion can often arise when we talk about good solid and liquid homogeneous mixing. When we talk about solid-liquid homogeneous mixtures, we need to take into consideration what the purpose of the mixing is and the level of homogeneity we are looking for. Some of the process is very clear: when we define solid and liquid homogeneous mixtures, we ensure they will be good for our final product, will reach the specification of the product we want to manufacture, and can be sold in the market afterward and so on. When we’re talking about the industry, it is good to focus on formulations, the final product, dosage, and more in the product care industries and more. But when we’re talking about integrating a solid-liquid homogeneous mixture into the chemical process, the definition becomes tricky because reaching homogeneity does not mean that we will get good results.

When we reach a majority in some of the cases, we can generate so many secondary reactions that were not taken into account in the lab because it was not possible to reach homogeneity. These side reactions may generate problems in the operations, in the quality and the productivity of the process. Personally, I do not think the definition of a good process stems from the fact that I reached a homogeneous mixture in the solid and liquid interaction. The homogeneity mixture of solid and liquid is generated because of our deep knowledge that when we talk about homogeneity, the criteria will be that if we reach homogeneity, we have good mixing. Still, this is not equal to a good process. So, if we summarize, good mixing is defined as the conditions we’re providing to the process, to the material, to the solid-liquid mixture.

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