Chemical mixing software benefits

Learning chemical mixing software benefits is one of the main reasons we went to university to study, because through that academic level of instruction we primarily learned how to manage the models that explain some phenomena that happen in our chemical processes, in order to design or predict what will happen with those processes in the next step.
So, this is the main reason. Of course, in the university we’re talking about models, models that the chemical engineering and processing engineering community accepts and works with according to their definitions. But they continue to be models. Some companies like VisiMix were able to transfer some of the models to a chemical software that is in front of you; you have a chemical software that is doing some mass and energy balancing or evaluating the prediction of thermodynamic properties of the materials and mixtures. Also, some models introduced a textbook into some simple routines and VisiMix. VisiMix is really a mixing software based on physical models that were adapted to the exterior basal geometry and operation. In addition to these models that are monitored, we know in the flow dynamics that we adapt to the geometry. Another very interesting and unique way to see, to represent the mixing, is by dividing the tank, the sterile vessel, in two main zones: the internal zone and the peripheral zone. Taking into consideration the diffusivity and the energy of dissipation of every one of the zones—the internal around the impeller, and the periphery far enough from the impeller—we were able to go more deeply in the mathematical description of the mixing phenomena that happened in the tank, and connect to the empirical data we have collected over many years in order to provide to you the way that the base of the model describes the mixing.

But the mixing is not the goal; keep in mind, the mixing is only the tool. Mixing is the environment we’re providing to our materials to generate and interact in the process of producing our products. And if we are providing this environment in the appropriate way, or in the relevant way so that the process will generate good results, we are really providing the good mixing.
So, the chemical process calculation by mixing software helps us focus on and predict what will be the capability for our equipment to provide the conditions required for the materials at different levels—lab, pilot, production and design. This helps us ensure that we generate a probe according to their specifications, that the interaction between the materials in different zones—local fluid elements that interact in different zones and the direction and power that we’re providing to these fringe elements to interact accordingly to the process—will generate the process that will have no problems in terms of operation. The chemical process calculation also ensures that the productivity will be enough, assuring us that we will be in a business position that will be good for the company.
So, the chemical process calculation by metric software is the capability to generate materials that are providing the environment in which our materials interact. These interactions are chemical processes. According to the interaction, we will be able to have a good reaction with satisfactory crystallization or emulsification according to the process. Normally, professional people will be able to connect the meaning of these interactions and know that these kinds of diffusivity, this kind of mixing time, this kind of distribution of concentration in a tank, will be good for my reaction, crystallization, emulsification, fermentation, hydrogenation and more. The bridge is you, the professional who has the capability to understand what the process is and what equipment you’re normally getting when applying some chemical process simulation and mixing process simulation. When combined together with VisiMix, these simulations will ensure that the process will be in the spec, the material generated with the process will be in the spec, the profiling of the process will be good enough, and there will be no problems in the operation.

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