What is chemical process calculation?

In fact, all of chemical engineering is about chemical process calculation. Chemical engineers do all the calculations regarding the correct capabilities of the equipment in order to generate the desired materials. It is not enough to simply know the chemical process or the reactions, or the interaction between materials: we need to provide the conditions for these reactions. The only way to ensure ideal conditions is to perform the relevant chemical process calculations to determine, for example, the velocity of the flow, the concentration of the materials in the flow, and what will be the temperature of the materials in the flow?

After performing the necessary chemical process calculations in the chemical mixing simulation, how do you come to a conclusion about the process? We need to remember that when we’re talking about chemical process calculations, it is always a service. We are providing a service to our processes. My main goal is to generate materials, for example, a drug, some plastic, some monomer, or we’re doing some formulation. For instance, forliquid liquid mixing processes we can calculate the drop size. In one process, a large drop size is good because we need to separate phases later and the process is quicker when the drop size is large. However, if a very small drop size is needed, then it’s completely different: if we have small drop size, then we have no separation and now we have stable emulsification. In other words, we have good mixing and good materials but not an efficient process. We need the chemical process calculations to define the best pathway to generating the desired materials.

We need to be very precise in the chemical process calculations. Here, we apply a very unique knowledge that normally is not used at the start of a company. Companies are defining materials and products that they want to sell, and require the skills and capabilities to produce these materials. While they may have some idea about this, companies face the real-world limitations of their equipment. Chemical process calculations help in understanding these limits and the necessary design processes.

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