What is the power number for an anchor agitator and how can VisiMix help?

This is an example of a typical question posed by professional people that are interested to understand the influence of mixing in the process. It is first important to understand that the power number, by definition, is not a constant. Rather, it is the relationship between the shape of the impeller and the flow that the impeller will generate.
So, once we have some shape, some geometry of this impeller, this impeller will transfer power into two main different typical powers: (1) power to generate shear rate and (2) power to generate circulation, maybe actual circulation, and pumping. So, we have shear rate and bumping. The two main important kinds of power that the impeller provides to the media will be characterized by the power number. The power number that you get normally in the literature was evaluated under specific conditions and under specific equipment with specific geometry. In VisiMix, you will see what will be the characterization conditions in order to know what the power number is; of course, once you change the volume, the velocity the density, the viscosity, and the geometries, you will have some deviation from the a nominal power number that is in the literature.

VisiMix software is not asking about the power number of an anchor or any ordinary typical equipment from a different company because we know the geometry and we’ve solved the momentum; moreover, we’re able to calculate the real power number for the conditions that will run the process. If for some reason the geometry that you are using in your tank is not well known in the library that we provide in VisiMix, then we normally ask for the power number given all the normal known data like the inventor of the tank, impeller length, and distance from the rotor. We will then be able to calculate any mixing parameter required. If for some reason you are not able to provide these power numbers, then you can provide us with a drawing of the equipment and the VisiMix team will advise or recommend a power number that will suitable to the geometry based on our extensive experience in the field.

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