VisiMix International conference

2011, Boston, Massachusetts

The VisiMix International conference that took place in Boston on the subject of the Influence of Mixing on Your Process was a great success. We are happy to share with our visitors some conference highlights and some of the presentations.
We would like to thank Scientific Update for the services they provided and their support in helping us make the event a success.

Some high points of the conference
• We demonstrated modeling of typical laboratory equipment in the fine chemical industry using VisiMix tools.
• We demonstrated the use of VisiMix software as a significant component of quality by design (QbD) activities.
• We discussed how to integrate VisiMix tools into the development process from a management perspective.
• Validation: We compared VisiMix simulation results using the different VisiMix products, and showed experimental data.
We conducted training based on real-life examples. Participants presented actual mixing problem encountered in their work and received different solutions from various expert users of the software present at the forum. The atmosphere was intimate, informal, and informative (as one participant put it, “almost joyful”), and we even took off a few hours at the end of one of days for a friendly game of tennis.

Photo gallery

Here is a picture of our wonderful group, taken on the last day of the conference.
Conference-Group-Shot-Boston 2011

Video gallery

Professional materials for download

Application and Adoption of a Rigorous Mixing Discipline into A Pilot Plant Environment ‒ Mr. Cliff Kowall, Lubrizol, USA

The MJN Experience with VisiMix‒ Mr. Wilfred Castillo, Mead Johnson Nutrition, USA

VisiMix RSD: Background ‒ Professor Leonid Braginsky, VisiMix, Israel (presented by Mr. Moshe Bentolila of VisiMix)

Impeller Design for Liquid-Liquid Desperation Using VisiMix RSD and Turbulent‒ Mr. Matthew Joergensen, Nalas Engineering Services, Inc., USA

Application of VisiMix Tools to the Characterization of Lab Reactors‒ Dr. Reinaldo Machado, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., USA

Avoid Batch Failures by Scale Down Simulation of Exothermic Reactions in the Lab
‒ Ms. Leen Schellekens, Mettler Toledo, USA

Productivity Tool for the Analysis, Scale-up and Design of Mixing Processes‒ Dr. Victor Atiemo-Obeng, Dow Chemical Company, USA

Avoidance of Foaming Conditions in the Scale-up of a Mixing Tank‒ Dr. Michael Call, Lubrizol, USA

Processing in the Energetic Community‒ Mr. Jerry Salan, Nalas Engineering Services, Inc., USA

Visimix Modeling of a 3-Phase (Solid-Liquid-Liquid) Coupling Reaction‒ Mr. Darryl Chang, Merck, USA

Scale-up of Crystallizers‒ Dr. Wayne Genck, Genck International, Inc., USA

Design of a Crystalizer‒ Mr. Thibaut Etzel, DeDietrich, France

Methodological Aspects of On-line Probes in Batch-Semi Batch Stirred Tanks
‒ Dr. Evgeny Zlotnikov, Independent, USA (presented by Mr. Moshe Bentolila, VisiMix, Ltd.)

Simulation Tools for the Fine Chemical Industry‒ Mr. Moshe Bentolila, VisiMix, Ltd., Israel

API Batch Process Simulation, Scale-up Methodology ‒ Dr. Roberto Novoa, Chemagis, Israel

Let’s Have a Cookies-and-Coffee Break, the VisiMix Way– Mr. Moshe Bentolila, VisiMix, Ltd., Israel

VisiMix Company Presentation