VisiMix International Conference

2014, Atlanta, Georgia

The VisiMix International Conference that took place in Atlanta, Georgia on the subject of the Synergism of Process and Mixing Knowledge for Global Use was a great success, and we are happy to share with our visitors some highlights of the conference and some of the presentations.
Some high points of the conference
• We demonstrated modeling of typical laboratory equipment in the fine chemical industry using VisiMix tools.
• We demonstrated the use of VisiMix software as a significant component of quality by design (QbD) activities.
• We discussed how to integrate VisiMix tools into the development process from a management perspective.
• Validation: We compared VisiMix simulation results using the different VisiMix products, and showed experimental data.
We conducted training based on real-life examples. Participants presented actual mixing problem encountered in their work and received different solutions from various expert users of the software present at the forum.
The atmosphere was intimate and pleasant, in an informal setting. Many of the participants joined us for our friendly game of tennis at the end of one day, which has by now become a tradition.
You can find links to conference presentations on the right side of the page.

Photo gallery

Some photos from our highly successful “Master Chef” competition, where teams competed to formulate the best vinaigrette dressing, using the VisiMix software.

This group shot was taken after our traditional friendly tennis game.

Tennis1 - Atlanta 2014

Video gallery