Liquid Blending with Visimix

The main goal of Visimix is to calculate the mixing parameters for controlling liquid blending in any process.
When we talk about liquid blending, we refer to creating a suitable environment for generating a particular result. Liquid blending can involve mixing of liquids, solids, and gases and influence in the maas and energy transfer process. We need to understand which kind of mechanics energy we’re applying to our process and to our media to generate the desired result. For instance, blending can be “local blending,” where the shear rate generates very local mixing and a long time is needed to introduce all the ingredients to the reaction vessel, or “average blending” using the power mixing to to pump the material inside the equipment well distributed in all the equipment. So, we are in very short time we will be able to put the material in all the equipment, but in the local point of view, in the molecular level of view, it will take a long time this should generate a wide range of results in our operation, quality of productivity.

Liquid blending is not as simple as preparing our coffee or our milkshake. And we’ve learned that is more than it, is to integrate multidimensional phenomena that happen at the same time in different places in the equipment. So, we provide the direction of flow in such a way as to create the process environment required to generate the desired result. Visimix is designed to understand the reactions that we can get with different kinds of equipment operation in any process, and this concept has general applicability.

VisiMix Video

The Influence of Mixing in the Process
New methodology using VisiMix software for the purpose of checking the influence of mixing in the processes.

VisiMix Demo Operation
Learning how to input data into the VisiMix software and get results the will help us understand the influence of mixing in our processes.

Lab Experiments
Learning how to set up the relevant experiments at the lab scale, to develop the processes from an engineering point of view.