How to Save Money with Visimix Chemical Simulation

When we are mixing in a chemical simulation, we must understand the relation between the materials in our process. Every process requires different kinds of interaction in order to generate the product we are working on. The definition of “process” is an interaction between materials to generate a product of superior quality. Thus, we save money by understanding the interactions between the materials and what materials will be appropriate to the process. For instance, consider a manufacturing process that involves a solid moving in a liquid phase and the interaction required for this process is that the solid will be very well interacted with the solvent but must avoid contact with any gas. I would like to have good motion for the solid but the solid will be located only in the middle to the bottom of the tank in order to avoid contact with the surface of the liquid that is in contact with the gas.

In this case, we are generating a good operation to produce a material of a good quality and we are not losing material because it quality is not answering the product specifications. For instance, in some cases a possible scenario is not good contact between two reagents to generate a reaction, then we will perhaps need a very dilute concentration of one of the reagants because if not, we will generate a fast reaction or an explosion or excessive process problems, and it will not be adequate. However, if we are mixing well, then the materials are interacting the way they are reacting according to our expectation. We will be able to reduce the quantity of solvent and continue to generate the process that will be saved and will generate a good quality and operation. Like this many kinds of procescess.
So, if the question is how to save money with chemical mixing simulations, then the answer is simple: it is because we are providing the process, the requirements, interaction between materials to generate an active/acid table, product active/acid table, and operation with good quality. Okay?

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