Chemical mixing simulation

Chemical mixing simulation is our field.

VisiMix company has expertise about the simulation of mixing in a sterile vessel, by using physical models that are very basic and very deep, to know what is the influence of the mixing in the process, in the sterile vessel, because the main equipment is used in the industry in order to manufacture materials. And because it is so deep, we are able to know many parameters that can control the process.

So, the chemical mixing simulation is a base. When we feed materials in our tank in the liquid phase and we start to move these materials by an agitator, what we really are doing, we are designing and defining how is the interaction between the materials in the tank, and we’re providing those materials the capability to interact according to the environment we’re creating for those materials. Remember always, the materials are into the tank and we’re providing conditions to interact through the mixing.

So, if the mixing software is a software that was proved from empirical data like VisiMix, and we catch phenomena that happen into the sterile tank, and we’re able to explain those mixing parameters, the meaning of those mixing parameters in the purpose of my process that can be reaction, crystallization, emulsification, fermentation, evaporation, whatever you are doing, always you’re using sterile vessel.

So, if we define the chemical mixing simulation, we define the software that is valid for every unit operation because it’s generating the conditions that the materials will interact to generate products. The second point to take in consideration is that mixing is a multi-dimensional phenomenon. So, we are generating fluid elements in the turbulent regime like a mini-AVs or small-Avs, that are moving in the tank in different zones around in parallel will be completely different, far from the impeller, far from the wall and in the wall, and by the direction of the flow that we generate with the geometry of the impeller. And the power that we are providing to this geometry, we are generating flow that is required for the process. And from there, the process will be different. When we talk about for instance, a blending, we don’t need so high shear rate. We need only that the material will flow enough, and will take all the materials and pass in all the equipment, when we talk about reactions opposite, we need in the local way good connection between molecules, and good connection is not fast, it’s only good connection. It can be slow, it can be fast, it is depending on the interaction between the molecules to react. And once we have the reaction, we want to finalize this process in some way.

So, we need to provide high shear, high energy of dissipation, because the crystallization is very important for us. I don’t know always if it will be high or not, it is a topic that should be described well, because by the end, chemical mixing equipment and the purpose of the mixing simulation is to detect what will be the mixing that will be good for our process. What will be the conditions we’re generating in our tank to generate interaction of our materials that will be good for the process that we are running in the in the sterile tank. So, for reactions will be a group of parameters, for crystallization will be a different group of parameters, for emulsification will be a different group of parameters, for fermentation would be a different group of parameters, and for every one of them, we have some general rules, some general ways to think, but we need to always apply to our specific process that it is the industry.

In the industry, we need to be very precise in the process that we are running in our equipment, and sometimes we get some contradictions, what we have in our head. We think always that good mixing homogeneity, high velocity, high shear rate is good for the process, but in our process, when we do a very high shear rate or high velocity, we for instance accelerate a secondary phenomenon like second reaction that is generating more impurities, and now it’s not good for us.

So, if I can give a conclusion, chemical mixing simulation is the tool that we use in order to characterize the mixing into a tank and to understand how is the mixing, which kind of mixing is good for our process, and not always good mixing will be a good process, because we need to…… The main definition is the condition we are providing to our process to generate good results. The meaning of this, we need to disconnect between good mixing and good process. Good mixing in the industry is the capability to provide good conditions to the process to generate good quality, no problems in operations and high productivity.

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