Chemical Processing Simulation

I want to mainly focus us on some points of view about chemical process simulation—a field that seems to be not well appreciated. The main reason for this is that the people that work in this field do not contribute directly to the manufacturing of their material or during the process in the industry. These people are sitting in the office and in front of some computer, and trying to define what will be the best characterization or the best representation of the process that the company is running.
The feeling is that people working in chemical process simulation are not manufacturing but rather sitting and playing with some numbers and some models. At the end of the day, they will release some results of calculations that represent what is going on anywhere in the industry or the company—and this is not required: it’s sometimes good to have, but is not must. I want to reverse this type of thinking, this concept. Chemical process simulation is the capability of the company to understand deeply the production process; any deviation experimented in the manufacturing (in the production) from the expected results, will be possible to be solved when you have enough knowledge about the process. Chemical process simulation allows the professional team to acquire this knowledge, and in consequence, you get confidence about the phenomena that you are controlling, and the process is well defined.

If we talk about chemical process simulation, then we expect that the calculation will provide to you the manufacturing conditions, and not opposites. As a metaphor, If you enter in a place, in an office or in the room lights are turned off, you will only by your hands, try to understand what happened in the room. And when you are moving places from side to side to turn on the lights, you will see a complete disorder in the room. But if you’re in a room with lights turned on (chemical processing simulation well done), the meaning of it, you will not move any part of the room at any other place, because you know what the meaning of this change is. I hope in this way that I have explained better from another point of view why it’s so important to have the best characterization and the best industry results in chemical process simulation because it gives us the capability to be effective, move quickly, and to become expert and professional in our field.
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