VisiMix Webinar From May 2th, 2024

VisiMix Chem® Real World Chemical Reactor Dynamics – VisiMix Webinar From May 2th, 2024

ChemiMix® combines proprietary mathematical models developed and thoroughly verified by VisiMix® with sophisticated descriptions of chemical reactions conducted in mixing tanks. By entering into convenient input tables a small number of parameters, a ChemiMix® user can immediately achieve the following valuable results:

A. predict the local concentration of reactants at various points of a mixing tank; (Where Ideal Mixing is based on equal concentration in the Tank.) B. compare the actual output of reaction products against predictions made for ideally mixed reactors; C. scale-up to the industrial scale a process successfully implemented at the laboratory scale; and D. analyze the effects of inlet point positions, the chemical composition of the inlet flow, mixing system design, etc. on product output.