Visimix 2023 with the face forward!

Okay, so we’re happy to come back to a new fiscal year 2023. And now we prepare ourselves as the world recovers from COVID-19, which was with us for at least 2–3 years. That event opened our eyes to some opportunities and some different ways to work in the world. So we need many people that are now working from home, not all the time, but part of the time, which contributes to a good work–life balance working in a group or working alone. This balance is important because sometimes we need time to think and perhaps go more deeply into thinking about our process. Visimix provides you with good knowledge about the mixing and the process, and how we can influence the environment that we’re generating in the tank as the reaction progresses: fermentation, crystallization, formulation, and more. And we still need to go more deeply. In this sophisticated unit operation, we sometimes need time to ourselves doing other kinds of activities that happen normally when we are in the office. The highlight of 2022 was our connection with our customers. Companies were open to provide every potential user the capability to work from home. In this way, our company is enjoying more and very fruitful results from every engineer and their capabilities to present a better result.

We’re very happy to say that the level of renewal was very high this year—more than normal years—and, as a result, company growth exceeded 30%, placing us in a new situation where we must organize ourselves to understand the users’ requirements in connection to the company and to their new capabilities to work more deeply in order to find solutions for the specific applications in process technology transfer, in the scale-up process for production, and in the new design that sometimes is required in companies in this global period. So, Happy New Year and we’re very happy to meet you. You’re the customers with many questions and many successful case studies like last year.

VisiMix Video

The Influence of Mixing in the Process
New methodology using VisiMix software for the purpose of checking the influence of mixing in the processes.

VisiMix Demo Operation
Learning how to input data into the VisiMix software and get results the will help us understand the influence of mixing in our processes.

Lab Experiments
Learning how to set up the relevant experiments at the lab scale, to develop the processes from an engineering point of view.