ROI Turbulent

Improved Dissolution
of Organic Solid

Saved 1,200,000 Euro

The Process
Dissolution of sugar in water in the life science industry; addition of solid sugar to water at room temperature. The particle size of the sugar was like that of dust.

The Problem
During dissolution, using a mixing system that was not appropriate for the task, it was observed that the sugar powder started to aggregate into lumps of undissolved sugar.

The Task
Discover why the existing equipment was not able to mix well the solid ingredient

The Traditional Approach
An external engineering company provided engineering support for the current system. During the first batch, the process failed. Several changes in rpm and attempts to use impellers of different dimensions failed to solve the problem.

The VisiMix Analysis
Combining in-house process knowledge and VisiMix calculations of shear rate and circulation flow rate, led to finding the conditions necessary to prevent the formation of the lumps and produce a fast dissolution.

The VisiMix Solution
A new equipment design was completed based on the combination of process simulations and in-house knowledge.

The Results
The new design resulted in a process that produced a clear, lump-free solution that met all specifications.

Calculation of the Savings
Launch was delayed by 6 months, with a production potential of 1,200,000 Euros during these months. Additional expenses were involved in purchasing equipment.

Technical Description

Dissolution of sugar in water in the life science industry
Discover why the existing equipment was not able to mix well the solid ingredient

The outside contractor ignored the in-house know-how gained from the simulations. In-house know-how suggested using 3 Intermig impellers. To mix and dissolve the Dextran, the impeller needed to be close to the surface.

Results: Ability to handle multiple batch sizes.
Change in viscosity solution.

VisiMix helped determine how to combine in-house knowledge with equipment design capabilities. The best solution was made possible by understanding the main effect of mixing in the process

“The actual knowledge and future plan must be coordinated and combined in the company.”


1.To avoid aggregation of undissolved material at the dissolution stage Untitled-6
2.To design new equipment for the production stage

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