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Three-phase system:

Annual Savings of 1,200,000 Euros

The Process
Chemical reaction on heavy beads, in a three-phase system: solid-liquid-liquid

The Problem
A new Intermig impeller replaced an anchor-type impeller. VisiMix was used to calculate the rpm required to reproduce the old mixing, specifically the axial distribution of solids.

The Task
Achieve new operation conditions with the new equipment

The Traditional Approach
Trial and error in the production facilities in order to do “fine-tuning” of the operational parameters of the process.

The VisiMix Analysis
VisiMix was used to calculate the rpm that produced the same solid axial distribution as in the previous system, because that was the most important factor according current knowledge. The first batch failed as a result of insufficient liquid-liquid mixing, because it was impossible to mix the organic phase with water. VisiMix calculation showed that the rpm had to be increased from 55 to 100 in order to mix the two-liquid phases. VisiMix indicated that turbulence around the baffle provided almost all the mixing between water and the organic compound.

The VisiMix Solution
New operation parameters were found based on the combination of process simulation and in-house knowledge.

The Results
The new parameters produced the same quality of the material, with no change in operating time.

Calculation of the Savings
The new parameters saved the production of a product valued at 1,200,000 Euro annually. It also eliminated the need for trial-and-error batches, a savings valued at 70,000 Euro.

Technical Description

Three-phase solid-liquid-liquid system
Achieve new operation conditions with the new equipment

1.Fix the operation conditions of the process
2.Ensure reproducibility of quality of the final product

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