RSD Application in The
Chemical Reaction Process

Saved at least 250,000$

per year in just one mixing unit

The Process
Manufacturing of API material by sensitive reaction

The Problem
Unsatisfactory product quality. For batches of around 3000 liters, it is difficult to achieve a high quality reaction because of low mixing intensity (turbulent shear rate).

The Task
Achieve the same paint quality in large batches as in small ones and improve the purity of the process at any scale.

The Traditional Approach
Changing the impeller speed did not achieve the required result because of limitations in equipment load. Agitation in the reactor created some impurity level in any configuration.

The VisiMix Approach
After lab experiments with VisiMix RSD, VisiMix was able to calculate the high shear rate for different scenarios, and correlate between the purity of the material and the main mixing parameter for fast reactions (intensity of mixing by high turbulent shear rate).

The VisiMix Recommendation
It was concluded that the addition of RSD to the stirred vessel equipment reduced the quantity of this impurity to zero. Furthermore, a good correlation was found between turbulent shear rate and purity of the material. For fast reaction, the turbulent shear rate allowed the creation of adequate local homogeneity and drastically increased process performance.

The VisiMix Solution
• Redefine the equipment configuration for the process for any scale
• Improve the quality of the material
• Improve knowledge of the process and of the mechanism responsible for the formation of the impurity

The Results
The required material quality for batches of up to 3000 liters could be achieved by a realistic and simple design. The required mixing time was simulated and evaluated in a lab.
Estimated annual savings on out-of-spec batches amounted to at least $250,000, in one mixing unit alone.

Technical Description

Preparing quality API in a 3000-liter batch according to customer specifications.
The revolutionary new VisiMix RSDE (Rotor Stator Disperser/ Emulsifier) software is the first product of its kind that supports mixing devices for media subject to high shear stress. RSDE works with all types of media, both high and low viscosity liquids, Newtonian as well as non-Newtonian.
RSDE enables users to input geometric data and process parameters, and to obtain fast and reliable results with one click. With VisiMix RSDE, users can quickly calculate shear rates and stresses in internal spaces, pumping capacities, power consumption, and torque.
6We achieved good correlation between shear rate and purity of the material at different levels. Most important, we have been able to reduce impurity to 0%.


1.To increase the material purity.
2.To achieve better knowledge, quality andgenerated corresponding lab equipment.

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