Order options

The VisiMix software package contains the following products: VisiMix Turbulent, VisiMix Laminar, VisiMix Different Impeller, VisiMix VisiXcel-DB, VisiMix RSDE (Rotor Stator Disperser with Emulsification) and VisiMix Pipeline.
The licenses for any combination of these products can be ordered on a yearly basis.
All VisiMix product licenses are leasing annually.
VisiMix offers the following types of license:1. Single PC2. Multiple single PCs

3. LAN (Local Area Network) – license for up to 10 users located at a distance of up to 2000 m from the server, the LAN is usually for one simultaneous user but can be for number of simultaneous users.

4. WAN (Wide Area Network – Global Use) – license for a specified number of users located at an unlimited distance from the central server.

Note 1: Installation
For LAN or WAN licenses, VisiMix software must be installed in two different installations, on the server and on every client station.
System requirements for VisiMix installation: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1and USB port for protection key.

Note 2: Ordering the VisiMix products.
If you are interested in ordering a license of the VisiMix products, please provide us with your contact information and a short description of your interest. We will contact you shortly.

VisiMix products can be ordered through the following VisiMix distributors:
– Skytech in India http://www.skytechindia.com/process-development-safety
– Emori in Japan http://www.emori.co.jp/visimix