High Shear Homogenizer Principle

VisiMix RSDE (VisiMix Rotor Stator Disperser for Emulsifiers) is a new software product for mathematical modeling and technical calculations of Rotor / Stator Dispersers for Emulsifiers. Rotor / Stator Dispersers are the mixing devices that consist of high speed rotors and cylindrical stators with a small distance between rotating and fixed surfaces. These device and tooth disk dispersers are extensively used in the formation of stabilized emulsions in batch and continuous flow installations. With this new version, it will be possible to calculate –parameters for these devices such as: mean drop size; drop size distribution; dynamics of emulsifying. This new software is an enhanced of the existing revolutionary VisiMix RSD. Operations with RSD can be performed inside the mixing tanks or as in-line units, and are now possible to characterize and calculate. Notwithstanding specific features of their design and application, the main technological destination of RSD is the treatment of the working media with high stress created due to high velocity gradients and high shear rates. The New RSDE continues to calculate the main hydrodynamics and mixing parameters from the previous versions named – RSD for instance:

1) Evaluation of the main operational characteristics of the RSD devices such as shear rates; specific power; pumping capacity; power, etc. as functions of the equipment design and media properties for Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquid mixtures.
2) Modeling of batch and continuous flow homogenization of multicomponent media in mixing tanks and installations with agitators and RSD devices. Results of modeling include such parameters as time required for different degrees of homogenization; degree of homogenization achieved within the outlined process duration; residence time distribution for media in high shear zone, etc. For the development of the RSDE simulation tool – VisiMix developed a special lab, has invested 5 years of research, developed unique mathematical models, tested and updated the models against experimental researches and packaged these models into the VisiMix RSDE – our latest simulation tool.

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The Influence of Mixing in the Process
New methodology using VisiMix software for the purpose of checking the influence of mixing in the processes.

VisiMix Demo Operation
Learning how to input data into the VisiMix software and get results the will help us understand the influence of mixing in our processes.

Lab Experiments
Learning how to set up the relevant experiments at the lab scale, to develop the processes from an engineering point of view.