Chemical mixing software vs. other methods

Chemical mixing software and other methods. In the course of any product development, it is required to use software that can connect the phenomena we have with what is happening during the process. The explanation of this phenomenon has to do with simulation modules introduced to the software. However, this is not the only method. For instance, we can generate a fully designed experiment based on a statistical approach and evaluate all the factors that will influence the process at every step. This method is good too, but it takes a long time and many resources to develop the process.
The best way to do the job and to understand the process is by using both methods. Chemical mixing software is used to generate a zone, a range where it’s possible to apply the process. Once we have a group of parameters that will generate good mixing results, we can apply these parameters in an experiment that will reflect their influence in the mixing process. Of course, it is not possible only to work with chemical mixing software and it is not possible to a work only with experimental methodology because the chemical mixing software is only calculations and theory while the other methods, like laboratory methods and experimental results, are limited by the specific parameters that we’re applying. So, the best result is the interaction between experiments that will be relevant based on chemical mixing software calculations. In this way, first, we are reducing the faults in the set of experimental studies and, second, the real-life results we get will allow us to bridge the gap between the theoretical calculations by the chemical mixing software.

With respect to process design, in this case, only mixing software will generate a good result, whereas if we are in the field of design and equipment we will require many calculations regarding the required power, circulation, shear rate, and about the mixing time required. In this field, chemical mixing software is the only way to design equipment that will be relevant for the process.

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