Chemical Mixing Simulator

There is a fundamental difference between the mixing of chemicals and the mixing process. The mixing of chemicals refers to the selection of chemicals we want to use in order to generate a desired end product. Indeed, our final product depends on the physical properties of the final material, the starting materials that we’re using, and the chemical or physical connection between them. in the manufacturing of creams, lotions, and many other final products that are in liquid phase.

When we’re talking about mixing simulation, we’re talking about how the mixing operation needs to be applied to our materials and the ideal conditions needed to achieve an excellent interaction.

To provide the ideal conditions, we must consider the potential properties of the input and resultant materials.
Mixing simulation addresses conditions such as hemodynamics, mixing parameters, shear rate, the energy of dissipation, and the many mixing parameters related to flow dynamics. If the materials are not compatible, then they will not generate the formulation, Hence, the selection of materials comes from your company’s knowledge regarding each of the materials you are using, why you’re using these materials, and their added value in the formulation. Now you are able to achieve the best environment to realize the potential interaction between the compatible materials that you are using.

So, take care on this very thin and important difference, where you know the compatibility between materials, and we know the environment we need to provide to the materials to manifest the interaction in a good way.

VisiMix Video

The Influence of Mixing in the Process
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VisiMix Demo Operation
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Lab Experiments
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